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Top 5 Shopify Templates in 2019

Top 5 Shopify Templates for e-Commerce Store in 2019

January 6, 2019Tips and Tricks

Today we are going to present the top 5 most relevant Shopify templates. We have chosen those with the highest number of sales and best reviews.

If you are thinking of launching an ecommerce store with Shopify or revamping the one you already have, these top 5 Shopify templates may interest you.

Note that as a Top Shopify Ecommerce service provider, we analysis all these templates and suggest to everyone.

Top 5 Shopify Templates for your e-commerce


fastor Top Shopify Templates

Fastor is the most sold Shopify template in Themeforest, the marketplace for the purchasing and selling of templates par excellence.

Fastor is a native and exclusive template for Shopify. It is a useful template for the creation of any type of e-commerce store. And we found on of the best loading and advance Shopify template till now.

fastor top shopify template

It has up to 82 different store demos, which allows you to adapt your store to almost any type of products.

This Shopify template is optimized at SEO level, mainly in the aspect of loading speed. By default it has a compressor that minimizes the CSS and HTML of the site. Thanks to this functionality, you will improve the loading speed of your Shopify store.

Fastor Shopify template is configured to work optimally with Oberlo, the dropshipping app from Shopify. Using to this functionality, you can import your products in Oberlo automatically.

The template has an infinity of tools that favor conversion. Fastor has the integration with Facebook Messenger, countdowns for flash sales or product discounts, pop up to show discounts, or the app ‘order product notification’. This pop up notifies the user that another person is interested in that same product. This type of tools are aimed at favoring impulse purchases.

fastor top shopify templates

Fastor is perfectly adapted to the purchase through mobile. It has a specific menu for mobile browsing, as well as a quick purchase option on any device.

At the product level, we could highlight the possibility of seeing the product in 360º format, or the possibility of making comparisons between similar products.

fastor top shopify template

The Fastor, is one of the most complete templates for Shopify today. You can know more about this Shopify template here.

Fastor Template Price: $ 56


gecko top shopify template

Gecko is the second best Shopify templates with the most relevance in Themeforest till today.

Gecko is a more minimalist template than the Fastor, although it has almost the same utilities as the previous one:

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  • Integration with Oberlo
  • Countdown for offers
  • Store Demos
  • SEO optimization


Gecko template is another good option to start your business in Shopify. If you want to know more, click here.

Gecko Template Price: $ 59


ella top shopify templates

Ella is an excellent choice for those who want to launch a Shopify shop specializing in fashion. This Shopify templates perfectly combines colors with banners and content blocks. It also has a variety of sliders pre designed to show collections and products.

Some of the highlights of this template are the possibility of including a lookbook or a blog to enhance your inbound marketing strategy.

ella shopify tempalte

As for product cards, they are quite complete. Accounts also have a very interesting functionality to show the sizes of any type of garment.

Finally, highlight that rich snippets are integrated. This will favor the clicks ratio in Google results.

If you want to know more about the template, click here.

Ella Template Price: $ 56


electro top shopify tempalte

Electro is a Shopify template aimed at those merchants specialized in the sale of gadgets or electronics products.

This Shopify template has two pre designed demos to configure the home page of your e-commerce store.

Like the Fastor and Gecko shopify templates, it integrates seamlessly with the Oberlo dropshipping app.

This template has a series of interesting features, such as the possibility of creating ‘wishlists’, push notifications and the countdown for products with temporary discounts.

electro shopify template

It is a very powerful template for large stores but at the same time very optimized at the SEO level. The creators of this Shopify template have optimized the template so that the loading speed is optimal.

If you want to know more about this Shopify template, you can do it here.

Electro Template Price: $ 59


basel top shopify template

The Basel theme closes the Top 5 of shopify templates with greater relevance in Themeforest. It is a staff focused on stores of any type of subject. The template has more than 20 pre designed demos.

Like the previous ones, Basel is perfectly prepared to integrate with Oberlo. Thanks to this dropshipping app, you can launch your online store in a matter of hours.

basel shopify template

One of the most prominent factors of this template is the loading speed. Like the Electro template, the designers have used the best practices to optimize the speed of the template and get a good score in ‘Pagespeed’

Like the Fastor template, you can offer product tabs with 360º view and quick view for any product.

basel shopify theme

The Basel template is priced at $ 59. If you want to know more about its functionalities, click here.

These are the Shopify templates with the most relevance in Themeforest, the most sold and with the best reviews. Anyway, in this marketplace you can find many templates for your store in Shopify.