We deliver software solutions combining solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise and an established development methodology.

Software solution counting your business goals


Web Application Development Services


We deliver rich web applications combining our solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise and an established development methodology.

Melo Pixels Ltd. develop Web applications using different technologies which include but not limited to Java, PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter and Laravel. We have a complete service which includes project scoping, wire-framing, style and design, development, testing, support and hosting – all furnished by our welcoming and well-informed team.

  • Practical and high value web applications.
  • Crafty application architecture.
  • Controlled and transparent development process.
  • Experience backed QA practices.
  • Deployment, stabilization and ongoing support & maintenance.


ERP and CRM Development Services in Bangladesh


We build custom applications to help companies save smarter, grow faster, serve better; through automation, business process management, integrated systems to create unique advantages for the business.

The strategic goal of any organization today is automating as many workflows and processes as possible so that its people can work smarter, not harder. When a competitive marketplace is factored in, time and resource saving automated workflow management tools aren’t an option anymore, but a necessity.

We provide full range of outsourcing services to create management software which facilitates your business: CRM system development, ERP application development, information system integration and support.

No matter how many processes you need to automate, the number of people depending on those processes, or where they are located, Melo Pixels business automation and CRM developers can develop the most powerful workflow management tools. We can automate virtually every process ranging from the most mundane to the extraordinarily complex.

Our solutions are developed to eliminate costly errors and reduce wasted time associated with manual-based workflows. And if you multiply that time and money by dozens or thousands of employees, you can imagine the impact our business automation solutions will have on your bottom line.

Business moves fast, and keeping ahead requires workflow solutions that kick your current processes into high gear, minimize paperwork, streamline functions that can occur simultaneously, and track the workflow process to identify opportunities for improvement and evaluate effectiveness.


Professional Healthcare Software Development Services


Melo Pixels Ltd brainstorm, design, develop, test and maintain your product as your extended IT team. Our agile methodologies are ideally suitable for the iterative development and better product-market-fit.

Healthcare Technologies is still one of the most rapidly growing areas of today’s world. Realizing the importance of of this sector, we’re always ready to provide healthcare IT outsourcing solutions and contribute to your next health projects.

  • Analytics Software: Healthcare data analysis systems, performance management systems, data visualization software solutions.
  • Integrated System: Home healthcare and wellness embedded systems, lifestyle applications and software for health bracelets.
  • Clinical Application: Patient databases and order management software, clinical support applications and many more.
  • Consumers Focused Application: Patient list, Mobile Health solutions, doctor list and attendance by machine.


Enterprise Application Development


From years of experience Melo Pixels developed customized Enterprise Application Model which ensures business oriented, mission critical, data-centric, user friendly, and easy to administer enterprise solution.

We believe in continuous process improvements to achieve customers’ business goals within shorter terms and optimal budget. Enterprise application developed by team Melo Pixels will booster your organizational productivity and efficiency.

  • Speed and service availability to accelerate time-to-market.
  • Integration facility with other enterprise application.
  • Facilitate centralized data administration and maintenance.
  • Exceeds your quality expectations.
  • Easy to use, effective, and engaging UI design.
  • User friendly content management systems.
  • Well planned architecture and structured coding practices.
  • Continual functioning with ordered deployment.


Testing and QA Services


Melo Pixels team will first identify problems in your web or mobile applications, and recommend means to fix those issues.

Our Testing and QA Services are backed by a robust heritage of testing proficiency and recommended for its extensive variety of testing services array, excellence of resources, and broader delivery strength.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, we are ready to assist your company to stay focused in core business.

  • Significantly improve the quality of the software application.
  • Industry-specific testing support pool.
  • Eliminating the bugs that disrupt business usability of the software.
  • Functionality, compatibility, and security testing.
  • Capable to handle complex software testing projects.
  • Aware of new trends, tools, and techniques in software testing and quality assurance.

Our good team creates great product. They are the innovators, the leaders, the hard worker. Nothing would be possible without their talent. We recognize the importance of encouraging relationships that reflect our culture of strong ethics and mutual respect.