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Learn Laravel Development

Learn Laravel Development within 30 Days (Full Guide)

May 16, 2019PHP

Laravel is one of the best and most popular PHP framework made for web Artisans. If you are a passionate web developer or willing to build your career as a Software Engineer or a web application developer, then Laravel is a good solution for you.

I saw many training institute, even online mentor said that you don’t need to know a lot of things to start learning. But personally I don’t agree on this. Because if you are willing to learn, then you should have sound knowledge on programming language, at least basic understand.

And if you are willing to learn any framework, then you should have a sound knowledge of that programming language.

So, as you are reading this post means you are willing to learn Laravel Framework, which is based on PHP and you know a bit about PHP language. At least you have good understanding on PHP syntax, standards, concepts and principles. Also you have PHP Object Oriented programming concept as well.

Now, every courses, degree has prerequisite. Same as to be a Good software engineer or a Good Laravel developer, there is some prerequisite. You should have good knowledge on PHP ecosystem and modern tooling, especially, object-oriented programming.

Almost all Framework are written in OOP mode, that’s why you need to be fluent in classes, objects, properties, methods, dependencies, traits, and other keywords.

You also need to know MySQL Database,  JavaScript, basic concept of jQuery and tools like composer, terminal etc.

And finale prerequisite is, you must be fluent in HTML, CSS and Bootstrapping any HTML template.

That’s it. If you think you had above skills set, then you are ready to follow my guide to be an expert software developer or a laravel developer.


Learning Laravel, Complete guide with project


First of all, don’t expect full learning materials from this post. Because I am going to show you a path to learn laravel development in a right way. I am assuring you that if you follow this complete guide, then within 3 months you will be a fluent laravel developer.

Lets break down our target 3 months into weeks. If you use 3 days to learn, 3 days to practice and 1 days to relax, then you are going to use everyday of your targeted 3 months. So, if we use 3 days for learning in a week, then in 3 months we will get at most 10 weeks to a professional laravel developer.

And it is impossible to learn any programming language without writing code. So, don’t spend a lot of time by reading books or watching tutorial videos; you should start coding as early as possible. In fact, after finishing every lesson or section, immediately try it in practice. This is my personal suggestion for you. 🙂

And while you will learn, don’t forget to write note as it is import for self learning.


Learning Laravel Development


Laravel Development Learning Curriculum


Day 01, Week o1: Introduction

  • Software Development (Introduction )
  • Familiar with Laravel Framework.
  • Introduction to PHP (If you already know, leave it).
  • Q & A – Try to find out your question’s answer, either from google or others developer from the community.


Day 02, Week 01: Tools & Environment

  • IDE
  • Laragon or any local development software
  • Composer
  • GIT
  • GitHub


Day 03, Week 01: Laravel Architecture

  • Brief concept on Laravel Architecture
  • Request Lifecycle
  • Service Container
  • Service Providers


Day 04, Week 02: Laravel Concept

  • Concept and Route
  • Folder Structure Overview
  • Introduction to Route and complete understand of it


Day 05, Week 02: Laravel Controllers

  • Creating Controllers
  • Routing Controllers
  • passing Data
  • Resources and Controllers


Day 06, Week 02: Laravel Views & Blade Templating

  • Introduction on Views and Templating
  • Template Inheritance
  • Design a Layout
  • Extending a layout
  • Components & Slots
  • Displaying Data

Laravel Development Learning : week 03


Day 07, Week 03: Project

  • Convert a HTML template into a Laravel Template to test your learning progress.

Day 08, Week 03: Laravel Models Fundamentals

  • Understand Laravel Models
  • Example use of a Model in Laravel


Day 09, Week 03: Laravel Migration Fundamentals.

  • Environment Configurations
  • Migrating
  • Creating Migration and Dropping them
  • Adding columns to existing table using migrations


Day 10, Week 04: Laravel Database and Migration fundamentals

  • Database Relationship and Migration
  • Work on a non related table


Day 11, Week 04: Database

  • One to One relationship
  • The inverse Relation


Day 12, Week 04:

  • One to Many Relationship
  • Practice One to One relationship


Day 13, Week 05:

  • Many to many relationship
  • Practice one to many relationship

Day 14, Week 05:

  • Has many through relationship
  • Practice many to many relationship


Day 15, Week 05:

  • Polymorphic Relationship


Day 16, Week 06:

  • Polymorphic relation the inverse


Day 17, Week 06:

  • Polymorphic relation many to many


Day 18, Week 06:

  • Polymorphic relation many to many – retrieving


Day 19, Week 07: Laravel

  • CRUD
  • CRUD on single entity


Day 20, Week 07: Database

  • Eloquent One to One Relationship CRUD
  • Setting up relations
  • Creating Data
  • Updating data
  • Reading and Deleting data


Day 21, Week 07: Database

  • Eloquent One to Many Relationship CRUD
  • Relationships and mass assignment
  • Inserting Data
  • Reading Data
  • Updating Data
  • Deleting Data


Day 22, Week 08: Database

  • Eloquent many to many relationship CRUD
  • Relationships and mass assignment
  • Inserting Data
  • Reading Data
  • Updating Data
  • Deleting Data


Day 23, Week 08: Database

  • Eloquent Polymorphic Relationship CRUD
  • Relationships and mass assignment
  • Inserting Data
  • Reading Data
  • Updating Data
  • Deleting Data


Day 24, Week 08:

  • Eloquent Polymorphic Many to many relationship
  • Relationships and mass assignment
  • Inserting Data
  • Reading Data
  • Updating Data
  • Delegating Data


Day 25, Week 09: Form Validation

  • Basic Validation
  • Displaying errors
  • Advance validation


Day 26, Week 09: Authentication

  • Login, Registration
  • Creating the login system under 1 minute
  • Login creation overview
  • Retrieving authenticated user data


Day 27, Week 09: Middleware

  • Laravel Security/Protection
  • Registering a new middleware and using it
  • More practical way to use middleware – roles, migration and relations setup
  • Use of middleware – custom method


Day 28, Week 10: Sending Email / API

  • Sending Email (You may make two part learning section here, first route then API)


Day 29, Week 10:

  • Introduction to Git
  • Introduction to GitHub
  • Common Git command
  • Git Branching
  • Git hooks

Day 30, Week 10: Git

  • Chose a projects and Complete it by yourself and Upload it to GitHub.


Note: Though I suggest to use Linux or Mac OS, most of the user are from Windows OS. So you are using Windows OS, then you need composer tools to install Laravel on Windows.


Remember, when you will get a problem which you can’t solve, it’s easy to give up on learning. But my suggestion for you is, dont give up. Because it is the reason why so many people start learning, but only a few actually become professional laravel developers.

And here is my final tips,  constantly learn something new, every week or even every day. It’s similar to working out everyday; if you miss one day, it’s harder to get back into the rhythm.

So these are my complete guide on Laravel development. I hope you will find your best way to learn and potentially we’ll create awesome Laravel projects together! Waiting for you at another side. 🙂