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Ecommerce starts with your store, but needs to extend and work seamlessly with CRM, Business Intelligence (BI) Tools, Marketing Automation, A/B Testing, Re-marketing, Accounting/ERP, Third-party APIs (Inventory, PoS, Payments, Shipping) to enable you to build a successful business. We take a holistic view and help you with the entire technology and marketing stack.

Our talented eCommerce web developers and creative team have wide experience in building any kind of feature-rich eCommerce and retail solutions. Be it website, app or platform, our goal is to make the shopping experience easy and intuitive. We implement innovative technologies and tools to ensure highly effective and controllable online presence.

Over the years, we gained sufficient expertise in this area to use any 3rd party platform or eCommerce CMS to embed online commerce into your business processes. Besides the development itself, we put a lot of attention and effort into the design of the eCommerce websites. Our specialists always think business, creating the interface and functionality that makes you even more successful.


Online stores

The number of Internet sales is increasing rapidly, and even the most conservative offline shops switch to digital presence. Online stores cover broader audiences and give the opportunity to sell without having an actual store. Melo Pixels will help you create your appearance online via modern e-commerce solutions and raise your business to the next level.


Marketplaces, so popular these days, offer a wide variety of products and services of different categories. They provide equal conditions for businesses and consumers by processing all transactions among them. If you need such platform, we can provide you with any of C2C, C2B, B2B or web-based B2C marketplace to optimize the process of selling products or services.


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