Instagram Audience to Customers

5 Keys to Convert Your Instagram Audience to Customers

May 26, 2019Marketing

Did you know that a large part of your potential clients are in the audience that follows your brand on social media?

Today Instagram is the most popular virtual media in the world and the range opportunities it offers are (really) infinite.

We know that 1 out of every 4 sales made between online businesses are from Sessions initiated from a social network, where Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest being the main ones.

A year ago, Facebook accounted for 80% of those sales but Instagram is growing month by month and today already 60% of sales come through Instagram and less than 40% through Facebook. Amazing, isn’t it?

That’s why we’re going to share Five keys to help you take advantage of that audience and turn it into customers for your online business. Get ready!


1. Know your audience


It is not a minor fact to know where the audience that follows your brand is, how old they are, how much time they spend on social networks and what are the most frequent times, whether they are women or men, etc.

All this data (and others too) can be found daily in the statistics of your company profile, both Instagram and Facebook.

It is ideal that you can update a monthly form with all of this data as your audience grows and in this way write down your own observations and comments in order to better align your brand’s content and promotions.


2. I included clear and attractive calls for action


Customers like to be explained step by step: what is the link of the store, where you have to enter to find that product you saw in an Instagram story and liked it, etc.

So, I always included a call to Action, a call to Action for your audience to know what to do: guide them!

If you are promoting the products of the new season of your clothing brand through the stories of Instagram, I included a message that gets the user who is viewing it for, at least, go to your online store.

For example, if you’re promoting a new swimsuit, a call to action like, “Do you want to wear it on your next trip to the beach? Get it here!”.

Next, don’t forget to include the link to your online store (in case you have an audience of more than 10,000 followers) or insert the direct link in your biography and also can communicate via direct message.


3. Organize a monthly draw


Who doesn’t like to get an unexpected gift? One of the simplest ways to keep your audience connected and interested in the new features of your brand is to organize a draw.

But, and here’s the key, the strategy is to keep it in time: communicating to your audience that every month they will have a new chance to win a draw will generate more interaction and interest in your products.

You can plan ahead of time what the product will be (it can also be several, depending on your ecommerce) and advertise it through a social media publication and/or Instagram Stories.

You can check Mr. Wonderful’s website located at Europe: Every month he makes a lottery that communicates both on his social networks and on his blog inviting his followers to participate.

Another great draw strategy is to create an alliance with other complementary brands, not just to add more followers (potential customers!), but also to offer more creative awards.

Popular web store like Unibow and Mini Anima stores, applied this action for a special date and it was a success!


4. Show your followers that you love your mark


Who better than you to infect love for your brand? Focus on the content of your social networks in such a way that they fall in love with your audience: try to make them diverse, that they are visually attractive (caring for quality and enlightenment), that they tell a story, that they thrill, that they generate empathy.

Take advantage of the Instagram Stories resource to show the “behind the scenes” of your brand; the production process always likes and this generates great interest in the audience.

Showing yourself as a store owner is also a super effective resource to spread love for your brand and generate more interaction.

Customers like to know who is behind each brand and connect from person to person. In this way you will humanize your brand and achieve an enriching approach to your audience.

Someone who does very well is Camila Mamrutt, owner of the online store Raff Intimates. Camila is convinced that customers fall in love with stories and every day shares something related to her brand in her Instagram account, transmitting her passion and enthusiasm in every content.


5. Increase your followers (and your interaction) on Instagram


Did you know that the number of followers and brand posts in your Instagram account influence the sales of your online store?

To generate sales, an ecommerce needs to have between 7,000 and 10,000 Instagram followers and share between 1 and 2 daily post shares.

Stores that keep their social media accounts active on a daily basis and are in charge of adding quality followers have a superior sales conversion compared to those who do not include this social strategy in their business.

Note that 2 out of 3 online stores have their Instagram account set up using their ecommerce brand name and those that have it, we see a strong correlation between sales and number of followers: the more followers, the more they tend to get sell.

So, Are You ready for a new social media strategy for your business! With what action are you going to fall in love with your next clients?

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