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web design trend for 2019

16 Trends in Web Design for 2019 with Examples

December 29, 2018Web Design

Now that the year is coming to an end, it is time to observe what web design trends will be for 2019.

Some of them have already begun to be seen (I am applying them myself in my designs) and others were web design trends in 2018 and will continue to be present throughout the next year.

Therefore, in this post I bring you the trends in web design for 2019 with examples of each of them.

16 Trends in Web Design for 2019

Let’s see what are the techniques and trends in web design that we will see the most over the next year and that have already begun to be used.

1. Full width

We will start with the full width, one of the web design trends for 2019 that we have already begun to see.

The elements with full width have taken force in recent months and are used especially in headers and multimedia material (images and videos) to highlight the content.

Its objective is to show the maximum amount of information possible with just a glance and capture the attention of the user who visits the web.

Here is an example:

web design trends for 2019

In this case, it is the header of the home page of a website.

2. Large elements

Second trend in web design for 2019, and closely related to the first.

The elements of great size gain force by the same reason that commented before: attract attention and impact the user.

What are those large elements that we see more and more in web design? Buttons, videos, images, galleries or page titles.

Here you have several examples of pages with elements that have a large size and are perfectly integrated into the design: a video, a blog post and a page title.

web design trend for 2019.1

3. Images on video

Another trend that is hitting hard is, of course, the video in every way.

In this case I want to focus on the videos used as backgrounds of sections or headers.

They provide a very creative and visual touch to the design, and generate a great impact on the user.

If you want to give strength to your message, accompany it with a good video.

4. Typography as a main element (giants)

Another resource that I am seeing more and more in other websites and also using in my designs is the use of fonts as the main element.

That is, giant typography that become the protagonists of the design and around them rotates the main message.

I leave you an examples where you can see how the text, with a large typography, becomes the main element of the design.

web design trend for 2019

5. Intense and bright colors

The color palettes with intense and bright tones are also trend in web design for 2019.

As I always say when I talk about this topic, a good combination of colors is essential in a website to reinforce your message, values and personality.

Bright colors are another type of effect, although you must be careful when using them to avoid saturating the user.

I leave you an example of a web with an intense and daring color palette (the purple color on a website is powerful and is not seen too much).

web design trend for 2019

6. Mobile first

Another trend in web design for 2019 that could not be absent in this post and surely you imagine is the adaptation to mobile, that is, devices yes or yes.

In this case, it is about designing a totally designed for mobile, beyond the classic responsive that what it does is adapt the desktop design to the phone.

The objective is to have a specific design for the desktop version and a different one (from the original, of course) for the mobile, as I am already doing on this website.

As example, you can brows Melo Pixels website from various device.

7. Chat bots

The chat bots or automatism in general for websites are now a reality and will spread much more throughout 2019.

Getting a personalized user service has made it possible to integrate chat services or Facebook bots into the web design, for example.

These systems allow you to bring customer service closer or personalize message sequences, which is why they are very useful.

Here I leave a real example in one of our latest designs:

web design trend for 2019

8. Designs one page

One-page designs work very well on certain types of projects and will become a web design trend for 2019.

As I say, they do not work the same in certain websites, but if you want to show the largest number of information without the user being dismissed, they are the best option.

They make sense, for example, in pages of events, presentations or specific promotions.

In addition, you may or may not have a menu for the user to scroll through the page.

9. Asymmetric structures

Another trend in web design for 2019 are the elements with asymmetric style, that is, structures that move away from more classic or straight forms.

A very interesting use of this type of structure is as a separator between different sections or sections on a page, as you can see in these two examples:

web design trend for 2019

10. Geometric shapes

Continuing with elements that move away from classic or straight forms, we find another trend in web design that we have already begun to see: geometric shapes.

This type of designs provide a very modern and creative visual result, since they usually combine different types of colors.

Of course, this trend is not suitable for all types of projects.

Some examples:

web design trend for 2019

11. Secure pages: https

The two trends that I will talk about next refer more to the technical than visual part of the web.

The first one is the loading of the pages in https.

2018 has been the year in which the browsers have begun to warn the user of those pages that do not have the SSL certificate installed and, therefore, are not safe.

Here you can see, for example, the message that appears in Chrome when you browse a secure page and when you do it for one that is not:

web design trend for 2019

12. Load Speed

Another technical trend that has grown the most over the last year has been the optimization of websites to load in the shortest time possible.

The fast loading speed is fundamental for two reasons:

  • Benefits for SEO. Google wants fast pages.
  • Usability The user also wants fast websites. If your page is slow, you are losing a significant percentage of traffic and conversions.

Therefore, you should optimize your website to the maximum so that it loads in the shortest possible time.

Take measurements and speed tests with different tools to check the current status of your site.

web design trend for 2019

Web design trends that we saw in 2018 and will continue in 2019

In this second section I want to highlight a series of web design trends that have been in force during 2018 and that we will continue to see throughout 2019, because when something is in fashion, it lasts longer and does not automatically “die”.

13. Gradient colors

I have used the degraded colors throughout this year and will continue to do so in the coming months.

These effects bring a very attractive, modern and creative touch to the design, and there is no need to say much more about them.

Here you have an example of a page that includes several elements with a degraded effect:

web design trend for 2019

14. Animations

Another trend that has gained strength in the last year and will continue to be used in 2019 are animations or animated elements.

As I mentioned in last year’s article, you have to use them when they are justified and make sense within the design, because an excess of them can reload the result.

15. Modular

Another of the design forms widely used in recent months have been the modules.

The modular designs propose the use of different elements separately, but integrated into a common concept.

In addition, they adapt perfectly to different devices and screen sizes.

A couple of examples:

web design trend for 2019

16. Typography with personality

Finally, I want to talk about another technique that has been widely used in the last year and that will also be present in 2019, as is the use of typefaces with personality.

Handwriting sources or techniques such as lettering have gained much prominence in web design, as they provide that handmade and handmade touch that has so much hook.


So far this review of the forms, techniques and trends in web design for 2019 with the corresponding examples in each of them.

If you are going to design or redesign your website in the coming months, you just have to choose the trend that best suits your project and reflects its values and personality.