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12 Questions You Should Ask Your WordPress Developer

January 2, 2019Tips and Tricks

Sometimes it seems that everything is easy and free. If I want to set up a blog, I use blogger or wordpress and I’ll only use it. If I want a forum, phpBB. If I want a Joomla web! or also WordPress, … That’s great because more people can do more things.

Well yes, okay. You can do it. But, please, do not you think that this website will be the same as a professional who invests the eight hours of his daily work in this, right? Because I’m tired of listening to people say that WordPress that has no merit, that you can only mount it and that’s it. How can we charge for doing a WordPress if “it’s done” and we just “set it up a bit”.

Of course … as it is easy, everyone can do it. Yes, I can also build a house, but the most likely thing is that it has leaks or, worse, it falls on me. Or I can get a blood sample for free but almost better than someone who is experienced, does not it?

Choose your developer in WordPress

Do not get me wrong, I love that anyone can set up their own website in WordPress but I’ll leave you a few questions to ask before starting to build your wordpress. In addition, it is also worth it if you decide to hire professionals to assess whether they have a good knowledge of wordpress or not.

In what hosting provider will you install it?

Probably the hosting service you have more or less clear. Do not just look at the price. There are many other variables such as: disk space, transfer capacity, country where the server is located, if you give us additional email accounts or domains, customer service and support … This is a matter of reading opinions and having tried some how many companies Ask your WordPress designer what he thinks.

Will you have a backup?

Important if any mishap occurs on the web. There are many people out there with free time to try to ‘hack’ your website. You can install a plugin or make an update to WordPress and the web will stay curdled. You have to consider this possibility and a recovery system. The WordPress backup can be done from the server itself (if you have that option) and also from a backup plugin. For example, WP Backup copies the files to your Dropbox space.

How will you make Google not index my website while you are creating it?

Here you already have to know something about WordPress. Normally when a WordPress is mounted the option of “discourages the search engines from indexing this site” is not checked. This makes, that if we start to assemble the web in your final domain, put www.melopixels.com it may happen that Google begins to index it without the web is finished. So uncheck that option that is in “Settings> Reading” and do not forget to mark it when you have finished the web!

Will my website be ready for SEO?

Now, I know that WordPress is very well done and that favors SEO, but will you settle for this? It is essential that you use any of the existing plugins to improve SEO and be able to use WordPress as a perfect search engine positioning machine. The best known are All in One SEO Pack and YOAST, so do not hesitate and if you are a WordPress developer, install one of the two. Invest some time in understanding how they work and in configuring them properly.

questions ask wordPress developer

Will my WordPress be safe from hacks and pirates? Will you use a security plugin? Which one?

… No one is safe. But we can, at least, make it difficult. There are a number of basic WordPress security rules, such as: changing the default administrator user, configuring the file permissions on your server (especially wp-config.php), … I also advise you to install a security plugin. I like Better WP Security so use it.

Will my template be a custom made template from scratch?

As you know WordPress is a CMS that separates content very well from the way it is visualized. For that, it uses a system of templates that make it easy for us to modify the appearance of a web or that we can create a web as we really want it to look. There are several sites to buy WordPress templates made. ThemeForest is the greatest of them all. However, you will surely need to change aspects of the template. You can even consider making the template from scratch but for this, yes you need to have enough experience in WordPress.

Can we do anything in the WordPress design or do we have to restrict ourselves to something in particular?

Of course it is possible. Any design imaginable in the mind of a “perverse” designer can be done in WordPress. If you know WordPress you can estimate the effort it will take to have it prepared. But flatly, everything can be done.

Do you use WP_DEBUG when you are developing a new template?

This question is mostly for WordPress professionals. When a template is developed, you need to see all the errors it throws at you, so the good thing is to put WP_DEBUG to ‘true’ and see what fails. You have to agree to put it to ‘false’ when your site is definitely working.

Can I update my WordPress and the installed plugins myself?

Interesting question. Of course you can, there is a link whenever you enter as administrator to your wordpress. But there is always a but). What happens if something breaks? Although these updates are becoming easier, be careful because sometimes things fail and recovery is not easy. If you are not WordPress experts I do not advise you to do it. With the plugins the same thing happens. Be careful with this. The normal thing is that if you have hired the web to a professional this one I pose a plan of updates made by him so that there are no problems.

Will I need tailored content?

And is that one of the greatness of the websites made with WordPress is that you can customize content types that are different from the ones that are by default (pages and entries). There are some templates that are already brought by default, such as portfolios or galleries, but you can create your own different object types, with the fields you want and with a lot of flexibility.

Will I need to use the WordPress API?

Another thing that makes WordPress a great CMS is its API. Well documented and with a lot of resources to exploit. For example, what if you want to create a form for your users to fill out and that the information is automatically inserted in your database? It’s possible. In fact it is a typical task we do for our clients. Here you already have to have knowledge of PHP and the WordPress API.

How can I improve the loading speed of my website in WordPress?

So many things can be done to optimize WordPress site. From optimizing the use of HTML, CSS and JS in your site, to uninstall that plugin that you used and you will never use it again, going through using measurement and testing tools. Have you ever thought about this?

As you can see, creating a professional website in WordPress is not an easy task and requires years of experience to make great websites. We strive to do this every day, can you think of more things to take into account to create a WordPress?