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10 Keys to Choose Educational Management Software

April 20, 2019Tips and Tricks

Now a days any educational organization (School, College, children’s School, graduate school, University) is aware about their academic and economic management software that helps it to be in connect with their students and teachers.

It is essential to have an agile communication platform for the educational community:

  • To be able to send mass emails with different filters.
  • Push communiqués or SMS messaging
  • Classroom management (attendance, incidences, class board, grades, controls and partials)
  • A system that allows everyone to share educational resources.

It is also important to manage schedules so that both teachers and students are up to date. Some other more advanced features are also essentials, such as a assignment delivery system or online examinations and surveys, or a tutorials request calendar and agenda management etc.

Outside of these functionalities, each organization will evaluate with some special feature requirements.

10 Keys to Choose Educational Management Software

There are a number of key characteristics to succeed in the choice of the educational software:

01. 100% Web based: The software must be fully hosted on the web, not only some modules but in full. Otherwise we will have to maintain two databases, one local and one in the cloud. This can lead to problems and higher infrastructure costs.

02. SAAS: Software as a service is the best formula to exploit a software as we simplify the ICT department and adapt the recurrent costs without having large investments.

03. Cross Browser Support: There was a time when website were optimised for limited browsers. Distrust platform that is optimized for a particular browser, this will indicate an old development method that does not meet latest HTML5 standards. Also give problems with mobile devices.

04. Multi Device Support: You must allow access from PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone, as each time we meet users of all types and even some can use different devices simultaneously.

05. Multi Language: Ideally, the system should contain a language repository to include any language and should be editable by users.

06. Integration with other systems: It is highly recommended that the software can be integrated with other systems, ideally through Web service or API with access to the database. It may be the integration with an accounting, payroll, Payment gateway or SMS gateway.

melo pixels educational management software

07. Integrity and single database: The advantages of the single database are the one that allows transversal data to be exploited throughout the organization. It is essential that the database is always owned by the educational institution.

08. Reliability of the infrastructure and Backups: It can be important to become informed before hosting the data and to know the security measures of CPD. It can give us clues about the software’s potential.

09. No initial investments or entry fees: Neither are large temporary commitments. In general, we must avoid those systems that require strong initial investments in project start-up and commitment to stay beyond the year.

10. Compliance law on data protection: It is essential to know the location of the database, security measures of the CPD and the platform. Also EMS software should has a powerful and flexible role management system as well as the Website Must be encrypted by secure protocol.

These are the initial 10 points need to check while you are going to chose an education management software for your  school or college.